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About Us

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With over nine decades of combined experience, KBD of Davenport is a key leader in the custom designed kitchen and bath industry. Paying close attention to even the smallest detail, they take their clients dreams and paint a reality with beautiful cabinets, countertops, islands and more. With unique, one of a kind solutions, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more are transformed from common rooms to beautiful masterpieces. Do you have unique or specific requirements for your home’s remodeling project? We have you covered. From cabinetry to countertops, backsplash and more, your home is in good hands with our teams collective design experience and creativity. At KBD of Davenport, we turn your kitchen and bathroom dreams into a reality so let us help transform your home into something that speaks to your own personal style.

KBD of Davenport is the go-to company for customers who are interested in stock, semi-custom, and custom designs for their cabinetry, countertops, and more. Regardless of your price point or style requirements, we have something to suit your needs- from laminate to granite, solid oak wood and beyond, you will love the choices we have here. 

  Are you interested in a traditional kitchen or bathroom? Maybe a modern theme is more your style? We have a great selection of shaker, raised panel, flat panel, and more. At KBD of Davenport, we make your remodeling experience a fun one and do everything it takes to transform your kitchen or bathroom into a jaw dropping focal point in your home. 

What better way to liven up your kitchen or bathroom than with gorgeous custom countertops? We have a variety of options and styles available, including laminate, quartz, and granite. Beautiful countertops can take an average kitchen and turn it into a luxury room, reflecting light and brightening up even the darkest of rooms. If you are looking to splurge and make a great investment, we have breathtaking quartz and granite available. Interested in beautiful countertops within a reasonable price range? We have plenty of laminate options as well!

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A unique service provided by KBD of Davenport is a completed kitchen or bathroom with plumbing included. We make the transition simple to navigate for our clients by scheduling you in to make sure that your plumbing is connected smoothly, so you can get your kitchen or bathroom back in working order as soon as possible. 

From consultation to the final goodbye, KBD of Davenport is here to help you achieve a gorgeous new kitchen or bathroom by providing a great showroom, quality products, an exceptional and experienced design team, and a easy, seamless process with our plumbing installation. We use our love for design to create rooms that you love to use.

6 Steps to Success

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1. Planning Your Project

From budget to style to crucial measurements, the first step to creating your dream kitchen or bathroom is project planning. In this step, expect the following topics to be covered: available budget, “must have” list, and which remodeling aspects are most important to you and your family. It is also important for us to get a good feel for your everyday life and how you use your kitchen to best suit your needs. Finally, the style, color, and overall design of your cabinets and countertops as well as measurements will finish out this first step.

2. Customizing and Designing Your Kitchen

When it comes to a custom designed kitchen, no one does it quite like KBD of Davenport In this step, we will get a floor plan of your kitchen, go over the necessary design and customization points, and talk about your needs for functional storage and organization. Last, we will work with you to create a list of items that we need to take into consideration before we start building your new dream kitchen.
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3. Choosing the Right Materials

Channel your inner creative side and choose the materials you feel would look best in your new kitchen. Can't decide or need a second opinion? Our design team is here to help!

4. Installing Your Cabinets

Not only do we provide the highest quality products, but we have developed a wonderful network of contractors that are ready to assist you with all of your cabinet installation needs! We make sure we keep in touch with you to help with scheduling, organizing, and identifying any areas you need help with to make your dream kitchen come to life.
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5. Installing Your Countertops

As a one-stop for your custom kitchen needs, KBD of Davenport provides you a wonderful network of a local contractors to seamlessly assist with the installation of your new countertops! Choose from the many different cabinet and countertop options we have and fall in love with your new dream kitchen.

6. The Final Step: Plumbing 

There are generally a few drawbacks when it comes to remodeling your home, the main one being lengthy delays due to plumbing installation and hook ups. At KBD of Davenport, we have enough experience to know that the best way to avoid this is by utilizing new scheduling software to make sure your plumbing lines up perfectly for a smooth installation. By doing this, we are able to avoid the frustrating delays that keep you from using your beautiful new kitchen.
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