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Whether you are doing a full bathroom remodel or just installing a few new and refreshing fixtures, such as custom bathroom cabinets, redoing your bathroom can be a great venture to embark on. With a bathroom remodel comes a lot of different tasks to complete, and the first one should be finding a great company to help guide you during the remodel and complete all of the different installations that come with it. If you are about to take on a bathroom remodel or update, here are a few basics that you need to know about before you start the project. 

Q: Will updating or remodeling my bathroom increase the resale value of my home?
A: In most situations, yes. For many homeowners or potential homeowners, the two main selling points in a home are the bathroom and kitchen. Installing different appealing features, such as custom countertops and custom bathroom cabinets can be a very enticing reason to purchase a home for many potential buyers. 

Q: Can I complete a bathroom remodel or updated by myself?
A: This is entirely dependent on the tools you have available and your skill set. A full bathroom remodel can involve moving pipes, breaking up tile, moving walls, and installing countertops and custom bathroom cabinets. While some may have this ability, many people do not have every single skill it takes to complete a full bathroom remodel. This is why hiring a professional kitchen and bathroom design company is a great way to eliminate the stress of taking on this large project alone. 

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Q: What kind of custom bathroom cabinets are popular right now?
A: While many homeowners prefer the timeless styles: modern, traditional, and vintage, some may like to keep up with current trends. Lately, it’s becoming very popular to choose bright pops of color in your bathroom to offset more neutral wall tones. If this is something you are interested in, talk to your kitchen and bathroom design company about colorful custom bathroom cabinets that can be made available to you. 

Q: What should I look for if I decide to hire a company to complete my bathroom remodel or update?
A: You will definitely want to hire a company who has insurance in order to keep yourself from the dangers of being liable for any injury or damage that may occur on or around the job site. Also, hiring a company who can help you come up with ideas for your new bathroom via a designer is another great benefit that should be offered. Finally, the company should help to make the installation of your new countertops and custom bathroom cabinets effortless and smooth to reduce your stress around the remodel, which can take time. 

Q: What is the difference between stock bathroom cabinets and custom bathroom cabinets?
A: Custom bathroom cabinets allows you to choose the style, color, and hardware that goes into your cabinets whereas stock cabinets are sold as is-there isn’t much you can customize on them. 

No matter what size your project is, hiring a company to help you complete it is important. While it is possible to take on the project alone, having a design team at your fingertips can help to reduce any chance of installing cabinets or countertops that just “don’t go” in your bathroom. It also helps to lessen the burden of trying to get your bathroom done between your day to day schedule. If you are interested in a bathroom remodel or update, give the professionals at KBD of Davenport a call and see how they can help you create a beautiful new bathroom. 


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I only wish I had found these guys sooner. My kitchen and bathroom look great!”
– Dan B.
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"The whole process was smooth and easy. My bathroom cabinets have never looked better! 
– Kelly V.
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