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Whether you are building your very own custom home, updating your bathroom or kitchen, or doing a full remodel, it is important to select a great company who will work well with you-and for you. Many aspects go into your new kitchen or bathroom: flooring, back splash, color schemes, countertops, custom cabinets and more. With all of these different options come a lot of work. Remodeling or building a new kitchen is a big job and it isn’t one for an inexperienced, unlicensed, or unprofessional company to take on. If you are in need of a great company to help with your custom cabinets, here is a general overview of what to look for before you hire. 


This seems like an obvious quality to look for in a company, but good customer service is an absolute must. Depending on the extent of the remodel or new installation, a project can take weeks or even months to complete. During this time, you will have continuous interaction with the company and their employees on a day to day basis. Making sure that the company will return your calls, provide friendly service, and stay responsive to your need and concerns is a must when hiring a company for your custom cabinets and kitchen remodel. 

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"My design consultant was so easy to work with. She helped me throughout our entire remodel. From the initial consultation to planning our installation, she was so helpful! Thank you KBD of Davenport!"
– Kelly H. 
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"My family and friends are in awe of my new kitchen. It was so boring and tired looking, my designer really livened it up and made it look like something out of a magazine!”
– Melanie K.
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The designer at the company you hire should be well qualified and thoroughly experienced in his or her line of work. The designer will be the sound board for all of your ideas, and a great person to garner inspiration from. Finally, they can provide feedback to make sure that the custom cabinets that you choose go well with your design and color scheme and that your finished project looks as fantastic as you expect it to be. 


Another area to inspect is their timeline. A good company will make sure that your kitchen or bathroom is remodeled in one seamless project. Many now offer a service where they will even provide the plumbing after your kitchen is done and your custom cabinets installed. Finding a company who plans your remodel or installation from the initial consultation to the final goodbye is a key factor in hiring a company who will work well for you. 


When it comes to the company you hire, you want to make sure that they can provide you with plenty of options. Custom cabinets are a great addition to your home and can really let your personality shine through into the room. The company you employ should have a variety of options for personalizing your cabinets. 

At the end of the day, what you want out of your kitchen is what matters most. Your remodel or installation is a huge investment into your home, and your custom cabinets are no different. Hiring a company who understands and respects the amount of time and money you place into this dream is important. If you are in need of a great company to complete your installation, KBD of Davenport has a team on staff that can help get you the perfect custom cabinets selected and installed in a manner that exceeds your expectations. 
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