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Q: What are a few different cabinet styles I have to choose from?
A: A few cabinet door styles that are really popular right now are Flat, Distressed, Inset, shaker-style, thermofoil, beadboard, and custom. All of these have their own distinctive, beautiful qualities and require plenty of consideration and research prior to selecting the one that will complement your kitchen the best. 

Q: I've been reading a lot about door types, what are the most common ones?
A: The door type on your cabinets are very important to tying in the overall style of your kitchen. There are three common types of cabinet doors and they are a Full Overlay or Euro-Style, Partial Overlay, and Inset. They will all give a different look and feel to the cabinets, so talk with your designer about which ones will work best in your kitchen. 

Q: I'm not sure what kind of hinges I want on my doors, what are my options?
A: Currently, you can choose from about 3 different types of visibility levels for the hinges on your doors. Talk with your designer about the best hinge visibility for your kitchen, but a few options are concealed, exposed, and semi-concealed hinges. Each of these will compliment various types of doors, so if you aren't sure which one to select make sure you ask before ordering! 

Q: Okay, I know what visibility I want but what about hinge styles?
A: There are a ton of different hinge styles available, especially if you want to have custom cabinets. Ask your designer about Knife Hinges, European Hinges, Deluxe Butt Hinges, and Butt Hinges for a few beautiful looks to choose from. 

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Q: How should I be taking care of my cabinet doors?
A: Cabinet doors are relatively easy to care for. Aside from cleaning up water spills immediately, they are low maintenance and only require infrequent dusting with a damp towel or spray duster. 

Q: Can I use just any products on my cabinet doors or are there ones I should avoid?
A: These products can destroy the stain and paint on your cabinet doors, so make sure you never use them! 
• Scouring Sponge Pads
• Commercial Cleaners 
• Powdered Cleansers 
• Steel Wool 
• Silicone or Petroleum Spray Polishes 
• Paste, Wax, or Silicone Products 

Q: How should I care for my cabinets throughout the years?
A: To take great care of your cabinets, set aside some time 1-2 times each year to clean and polish cabinet doors with an oil based furniture polish. Do not use pastes, silicone, or wax products on your cabinet doors. 

Q: Why should I never use the products mentioned above?
A: Waxes and pastes are extremely hard to remove from cabinet doors and will leave a gunky film over time. 
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Q: Is there a generic product that I can use on all countertops (laminate, quartz, and granite)?
A: While there are some cleaning methods you can use to clean all of these countertops, such as warm water and soap, quartz and granite require different care than laminate. Make sure you ask your countertop specialist or carefully read the product label before using it on your countertops. 

Q: What is the best way to care for my quartz and granite countertops daily?
A: Granite and courts are very low maintenance, and require only warm water and soap for daily cleaning. Make sure you get all of the soap cleaned up with clean water after washing! 

Q: Is there any long term or periodic care I need to know about for my granite and quartz countertops?
A: Every 15 years or so, your countertops will need to be resealed. You can do this yourself or call in a professional. If you aren't sure you can do this without making a mistake, it's always best to protect your investment and call in a professional. 

Q: Can I place hot items or cut on my granite or quartz countertops?
A: No, you should avoid placing hot items on your granite and quartz countertops. While they are extremely durable, they can still succumb to burn marks and you should never cut on them. Always use your cutting board. 

Q: What do I need to know for daily laminate countertop care?
A: Laminate countertops are also very easy to care for. You can wash them daily with warm water and soap, make sure to rinse all the soap off with clean water. If you find your countertops have become stained, try mixing a 3:1 ratio of baking soda and water. Apply the paste to the stain for 5 minutes and buff off with a non abrasive pad.  

Q: What color options do I have for granite?
A: Granite is available in many different earthy colors! Black, brown, blue, beige, gold, and off-white are just a few different colors available. You can find a variety of mineral streaks and deposits that change up the pattern as well. 

Q: Quartz VS Granite: What's the difference?
A: With the rising demands of granite, quartz was called in to offer a cheaper option for homeowners. Quartz is a manufactured item, so it has a lot of different colors and is slightly less expensive than granite. 

Q: What color options do I have for laminate countertops?
A: Laminate countertops are limited only to what your supplier has in stock, and there are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. With the rising demand for granite, many companies now supply laminate countertops that mimic the appearance of granite. 

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