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If you didn’t custom build your home, it’s likely you have found a few flaws with the design of the home that your purchased. Luckily, you can erase all of it and start new. Many homeowners dream of building their very own custom designed kitchen, but few know where to start. A great place to turn your eye to is the kitchen cabinets. While it may seem like a small detail, your kitchen cabinets can take a room from subtle and dull to lively and elegant with just a simple switch. Here are a few different cabinets that you may want to consider when building your custom dream kitchen. 


Whether you are changing the color scheme of your kitchen to match your new kitchen cabinets or purchasing cabinets to go with what you have gong on currently in your kitchen, it’s important that the color scheme go together beautifully. Most homeowners want to have a timeless look but keep things fresh and modern with an air of trend. Here are a few color schemes that can work great with your kitchen cabinets.
  • Mid Century Modern: Mid-century modern places a lot of emphasis in deep reds and browns. If you’re planning on decorating with this style, consider a warm color pallet in the kitchen and mahogany cabinets to tie everything in together. 
  • Classic: A classic kitchen feels light and airy, so consider a light, neutral color scheme. If this is on your list of ideas, a blonde wood cabinet set will go great in the classic kitchen. 
  • Modern: Modern is all about deep colors, accents, and lines. Sleek, lacquered cabinets will go great with a stark white paint job and accent walls.

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"The team was great to work with and really made the entire design process easy. We weren't sure what kind of kitchen style we wanted to go with, and she really helped give us some inspiration and helped create the most beautiful kitchen we could ever have dreamed of. We would recommend KBD of Davenport to all of our friends and family!”
–Steve McNulty
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"We are so happy we chose KBD of Davenport. They have an amazing selection, professional team, and were so friendly and fun to work with!”
–Sylvia and Richard Koch
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People often overlook how important that well thought out placement of their kitchen cabinets is. When your kitchen remodel is finished, you want it to look put together and effortless. For this reason, planning out your placement is extremely important when it comes to planning out your new kitchen cabinets. This is done with the help of: 
  • Remodel Company: The company you employ to help design your new kitchen will be able to expertly place your new kitchen cabinets so that space is maximized for the best storage and placement possible.  
  • Yourself: Gathering as much information as possible to bring to your designer will help the planning process go smoothly. Ask your designer exactly what they need as far as measurements, your storage needs, and any additional information that can help ensure flawless placement in your kitchen. 


The design style of your kitchen is going to directly impact the style of the kitchen cabinets you choose, just as the color scheme will. There are three very popular styles when it comes to designing your kitchen and placing kitchen cabinets.
  • Modern: Lacquered cabinets with smooth finishing go great with this style. 
  • Traditional: Oak and mahogany is a wonderful option to consider with the traditional style.  
  • Vintage: Beadboard kitchen cabinets are hugely popular with vintage style kitchens. 
If you are considering a kitchen remodel, or just need a fresh new addition to your kitchen, consider giving new kitchen cabinets a shot to revamp your space. With a great kitchen company, your old kitchen can go from dull to darling in a few easy steps. When selecting a company to install your new cabinets, make sure to do your research and choose one that has a great reputation, experience, and will make the process smooth and enjoyable for you. KBD of Davenport is a great choice for your next cabinet installation, so if you want expert designers and plenty of selection, give them a call to get your kitchen up to date and looking great. 
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