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Why Us?

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Don’t settle with a company who provides you the bare minimum for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. KBD of Davenport believes in doing things a little differently. From the initial consultation until the job is done, we help you make your dreams come true through a unique process, ensuring that your kitchen remodel is completed seamlessly and with as little stress as possible. We are entirely dedicated to you, our customer, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done right.  

With 75+ years of experience in kitchen design, we have the knowledge to help you achieve your interior design dreams. Rest assured that your kitchen remodel is safe in the hands of our experienced designers and remodel team. KBD of Davenport works hard to make sure your kitchen is one that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Do you require plenty of options in your selection of countertops and cabinets? We have a show room full of high quality, top of the line materials to choose from. Hundreds of cabinets in varying colors, styles, and prices allows you to achieve the perfect design within your price range and a great consultation will reassure you that you are working with one of the best teams in Iowa who provide the highest quality materials for your remodel. 

To add a touch that not many other companies offer, KBD of Davenport utilizes a unique scheduling system to ensure that your remodel goes smoothly. We plan out your project so that your final plumbing will be completed with your remodel, so that you can start using your new kitchen or bathroom right away. We know that there isn’t anything quite as frustrating as having to wait weeks to get back to your normal life after a remodel, and we make sure that you don’t have to experience this by setting up your installation from start to finish.

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Enjoy working with a company who takes your investment to heart. Your new kitchen or bathroom is sure to be one that you will enjoy for many years to come. At KBD of Davenport, we have you covered, from that first consultation to the final plumbing hookup and everything in between.



For many homeowners, the cabinets in their kitchen or bathroom likely came with the house and have been an eyesore for many years now. For others, new cabinets are required because they are building their own custom built house. No matter what situation you identify with, we have plenty of beautiful cabinets available for purchase at KBD of Davenport. Cabinets can really refresh and renew a kitchen or bathroom, and it is an often overlooked (yet important) detail that should be taken into consideration with great care. Come visit our team at KBD of Davenport and get started on making your dream kitchen or bathroom come true.


During the average remodel, cabinet costs will account for nearly half of your remodel budget-40% to be exact. For this reason, it is important you do thorough research on the cabinet quality and style as well as the company who will be supplying or installing your cabinets. Seeing a company’s cabinets first hand is the best way to make an informed decision, so seek out a company who has plenty of selections you can see in their showroom. Don't waste time trying to work with companies that don't even have an example of their selection, or have a selection whose quality is lacking. KBD of Davenport has plenty of high quality cabinets for you to look through. Happy with what you see? Book a consultation and let's get started on building your dream kitchen or bathroom! 
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What kind of cabinet style do you want for your home? Choosing the right style is very important when planning your remodel. In general, you have two options regarding your cabinet's structure: framed cabinets or frameless cabinets. If you choose framed cabinets, the doors are attached to a face frame and box as well and are very sturdy. While the sturdiness of the framed cabinets will be appealing to some, others may want a frameless cabinet. These are more modern in appearance and what they lack in rigidity they make up for in style. Want a little of both? Go with a framed cabinet and full overlay which will cover the face frame. This way you can achieve the style of the frameless cabinet with the structure of the framed cabinets. Stop by KBD of Davenport to talk with someone about the best style for your home. 


If you aren't sure where to begin when forecasting your remodel budget, stop by and talk to a well informed cabinet company. Davenport has companies that can help you decide on your budget and inform you of the price range of their products as well. You can expect to be choosing from a few different options when it comes to your cabinets: custom, semi-custom, and stock. Custom cabinets will likely be your most expensive option but a great investment. Semi-custom is a great blend of price and customization and is less expensive than a custom cabinet will be. Finally, stock cabinets make up for in price what they lack in customization and are the least expensive option.  


When planning your remodel, make sure you keep in mind all of the things you can't live without in your new kitchen or bathroom. When you complete a remodel, you're making a big investment in your home, so having all of the bells and whistles is important. Is a charging station a must have? What about a pull out trash can? All of these should be taken into consideration before you go ahead with your remodel. Are you not sure what features to have in your remodel? Pick up the phone and call a great cabinet company. Davenport has plenty who are able to help. 

Companies like KBD of Davenport are staffed with experienced design professionals who can help you decide on what matters most in your cabinets. Stop by or give us a call and see how we can help you create your dream kitchen. 
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